Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tax Season Begins

As you’ve probably heard, tax season will begin a couple of weeks late this year as a result of the turmoil in the IRS surrounding the forced closures last summer. The original estimated date for filing returns was January 21, 2014; however, a decision has been made to push that date back to January 31, 2014. While this shortens the tax season a bit, it is significantly better than the delay encountered last year as a result of the budget issues. We were not able to file returns until late February for the 2012 tax year, which made the season much more difficult.
Now is the time to start gathering your tax information together and once you’ve received your W-2s, 1099 and other tax-related documents, contact your tax professional to take care of preparing your returns for you. Be sure to ask for some tax-planning advice for the 2014 tax year while you are at it to help to minimize your tax liability for this tax year. Give us a call at 916-576-7050 if you’d like FlemmerAssociates’ assistance with your return.

Many happy (tax) returns!


  1. My sister was doing her tax calculations for the year and she couldnt understand anything! My dad had to help her to stop her moaning and groaning! It was fun to watch her but now i am worried about mine!

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