Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tax Help During Government Shutdown

Well, it happened. The federal government is rolling up the sidewalks for non-essential business until Congress comes to an agreement on a budget. Of course, their definition of non-essential is very questionable. You will certainly still have to pay your taxes during this time period and the October 15th extension deadline will have to be met; however, during the shutdown you will not be able to contact the IRS for assistance if you have questions or if you identify issues. Your best bet will be to contact your tax professional for help and then error on the side of the government to avoid possible penalties and interest once they awaken from their nap and analyze what you’ve submitted. You can get any overpayment back (eventually) but if you have to pay them, the interest and penalties can be significant.
FlemmerAssociates will be happy to assist you with questions during this difficult time. Give us a call 916-576-7050.

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