Monday, October 21, 2013

Back In Business (Sort of)

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had little faith that the government would be up and running when the last article I wrote before leaving on vacation was posted. Unfortunately, I was correct. That said, we finally have a three-month reprieve before we have to deal with the partisan politics and infighting again.

A negative impact of the shutdown is that we now have to deal with delays and backlogs as the government shakes off the effects of the furloughs and works through more than two weeks of work that has accumulated. For the IRS, this means slow responses to letters and phone calls and even longer than usual timeframes for obtaining resolution to issues. The best approach is to relax and just wait it out. Check in periodically, but realize they have a massive amount of work to process and yours will be handled in order.
If you want to release some of your frustration, try calling or writing a letter to your Congressman/Congresswoman. They got us into this pickle and need to know that you don’t want to see it happen again in January!


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