Thursday, September 5, 2013

Common Fraud Schemes (Pt 4)

Advance Fee Schemes 

In Advance Fee Schemes you pay a sum of money to someone with the expectation that they will give you something of greater value in return.  The schemes include claiming that you won a car or large sums of money, but that you need to pay a small fee in advance to cover shipping or other costs.  Unfortunately, the items you won never materialize.
  • Anyone offering something of great value once you pay a “small” sum is probably trying to defraud you. 
  • Be sure you know who you are dealing with in any transaction.
  • Be suspicious if the company contacting you is working out of a post office box.  
  • Be suspicious if the company does not have a phone number you can call or are never in when you call.
This is the fourth in a series of blogs about types of fraud which are frequently seen in today’s world.  In our next posting, we will discuss Health Care Fraud.  Always stay alert and if you are unsure about something you’ve been offered, we’d be happy to help you determine if the opportunity being presented to you is in fact legitimate.  It’s far better to be safe than sorry!  916-576-7050.

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