Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Tribute to Our Friends in Boston!

What a nightmare the past week has been for the participants of the Boston marathon, the residents of Boston and the country as a whole.  We continue to keep everyone affected in our thoughts and prayers. 

Out of such a terrifying experience, it is so gratifying to see this great country come together to help one another.  The participants of the marathon and bystanders jumping in to assist one another in those first horrific moments after the explosions, the residents of Boston staying in their homes to allow the police to track the surviving terrorist, and the financial and emotional support flooding in from around the country.  These are just a few of the incredible acts of humanity and community that have occurred this past week.  This is what the United States is about! 

Even the IRS has offered a bit of relief for the citizens of the Boston area.  Because the attacks occurred on Tax Day, April 15th, the IRS has extended the tax filing and payment time period for taxpayers in the Boston area for three months.  The new deadline for filing is July 15th, 2013.  This extension applies to everyone living in the county of Suffolk, Massachusetts and includes families, first responders and other individuals who were affected by the event even if they live somewhere else.  While no penalties for late filing or payment will be incurred, there will still be interest charged for payments made after April 15th.  To claim the extension, eligible individuals should call (866) 562-5227 prior to filing their returns.

Flemmer Associates sends wishes for strength and healing from physical, emotional and spiritual wounds suffered by all affected. 

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